We are fortunate to have been allowed to reproduce a small and varied selection of the Silver Studio’s designs from the archives of the Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture (MoDA) in London.

The Silver Studio, founded by Arthur Silver in 1880 and continued by his sons, was one of the most influential design studios in Britain from the 1890s until the 1950s.

The Studio produced some of their most famous designs for companies such as Liberty, John Line, Sanderson, Jeffrey & Co, Zuber and many more who all used the Silver Studio’s designs for their own wallpaper and textile ranges.

Most of the significant designers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries designed for the Studio, including William Morris, Voysey, Raoul Dufy and even Henry Moore.

The Silver Studio is widely recognised as having played a highly significant role in the development of the Art Nouveau style not only in Britain, but internationally, in the years between 1890 and the early 1900s.

Arthur Silver was also heavily influenced by the art of Japan and the work of the Silver Studio meant that Japanese influences were absorbed into British and international design and decoration.


A wallpaper with a typical ‘chinoiserie’ theme of birds, flowers and branches. This beautiful design with its soft tones and superb detail, was produced by the Silver Studio in 1925.

Japanese Garden


Rex Silver and his sons were greatly interested in, and influenced by, the art of Japan and this superbly detailed wallpaper design from 1920 depicts daily life around a Japanese water garden. The original ground of the design is black, but we think our alternative version in red is equally attractive.

Japanese Garden


Cherry Blossom

Another ‘chinoiserie’ design, from the Silver Studio dating from 1925, with a typical theme of cherry blossom and pine trees.

Cherry Blossom



A bold and punchy ‘take’ on the recurrent oriental theme. This stunning wallpaper was designed in 1928 by the Silver Studio for the manufacturers John Line & Co.

Rose Trellis

A Silver Studio design dating from around 1900.


This delicate design from the Silver Studio dates from 1910.


Eau de Nil

An alternative version of ‘Rose Trellis’, dated 1900.


Light Blue

An alternative version of ‘Rose Trellis’, dated 1900.

Rose and Thorn

A design from 1900, typical of the many from the Silver Studio in the Art Nouveau style for which the studio was internationally renowned.


This design dates from c.1950, and is the latest in date of our collection from the Silver Studio. The name, which is original, refers to the Ranelagh Gardens, which were pleasure gardens located in Chelsea, then just outside London, in the 18th century.


This ‘damask’ wallpaper design from 1910 was produced by Jeffrey and Co, who manufactured many of William Morris’s wallpapers.

Nursery Rhymes

This is a ‘sanitary’ print nursery wallpaper designed by the Silver Studio in around 1895 and based on Kate Greenaway’s illustrations of popular nursery rhymes.

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