A small group of wallpapers reproduced courtesy of the Smithsonian Design Museum in New York and taken from original wallpapers in the Cooper Hewitt archive. All these wallpaper designs are available to order in silk crêpe de chine and cotton sateen.


A sumptuous floral wallpaper created in France between 1840 and 1870 and block printed on handmade paper. To give depth and to achieve an impressively realistic look, the design was printed with twenty two different colours and so twenty two separate blocks had to be carefully carved and aligned.

‘Fontenay, Jade’

An exquisite wallpaper dating from 1790 and created by the French wallpaper manufacturer Jean-Baptiste Réveillon. Block printed on handmade paper, it has a repeating design of floral arabesques and scrolls with pink and white roses and fuchsias in a vase.

‘Fontenay, Light Blue’

‘Cavendish Forest Green’


A damask design block printed in around 1875 by the French manufacturer Zuber et Cie. Originally embossed, with a floral basket surrounded by vining acanthus. This design will be available in a range of colours in due course.

‘Cavendish Reverse, Forest Green’


A charming American wallpaper dating from 1905 and printed by William Gledhill, New Jersey.

Miniature Wallpaper & Fabric © Susan Bembridge Designs


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