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We are grateful to Sir Reginald Sheffield for allowing us to reproduce, as a miniature wallpaper, the original handpainted Chinese wallpaper in the Drawing Room at Sutton Park, near York. The wallpaper was installed in the house in 1756 and was painted by 24 Chinese artists, each signing his name on his own work. The design consists of eight different panels,

showing exotic birds, butterflies and flowers in a woodland setting. The very fine quality and superb detail of this paper are the outcome of the many hours of skilled work which were needed to recreate a complete small-scale wallpaper from the original room with doorways, fireplaces, windows and other obstacles.

The paper is available in four sizes. The largest which is 1:12th scale measures 11½ inches (29.2 cms) high and will be supplied in a standard length of 27¼ inches(69.2 cms). This can be increased as required in multiples of 6 inches (15.24 cms) by repeating the pattern. The three smaller sizes show the complete design, but at correspondingly reduced scales. Longer lengths are available in multiples of 6 inches. The smallest size, 6 inches high, is 1:24th scale.

Also available as printed silk crêpe de chine and printed cotton - please enquire.

Sizes and prices

Standard size
11½" high x 27¼" (1:12th scale)

£22.00 plus £6.00 extra for each additional 6"

Standard size:
10" high x 25"

£17.50 plus £5.50 extra for each additional 6"

Standard size
8" high x 24"

£15.00 plus £5.00 extra for each additional 6"

Standard size
6" high x 24"
(1:24th scale)

£13.50 plus £4.50 extra for each additional 6"

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