IMPORTANT : The images you see on these pages are good representations of the actual colours of the designs. However, all monitor screens vary and we cannot guarantee that the colours you see are an identical match to the true colour of the design.


Our wallpapers are printed on high-quality paper by the latest digital technology, using non-fade inks.

Standard 1:12th scale papers are 12 inches x 23¾ inches.

Standard 1:24th scale papers are 7 x 23¾ inches.

Bespoke larger sizes can usually be provided – please ask us for a quotation.

Plain self-colour papers can be supplied to co-ordinate with the main background colour of most wallpaper designs.

Using your paper

We recommend you use an ordinary water-based wallpaper paste to hang the paper. Make sure the paste is fairly thick – it should be thick enough to stay in the bowl when upturned! Alternatively, use a ready-prepared border adhesive.

Make sure surfaces to be papered are clean and smooth. If you are papering over a gloss painted surface or panelling, rub down with coarse sandpaper first to provide a ‘key’.

You may find it easier to apply the paste directly to the wall, then carefully place your pre-cut wallpaper into position and gently press down with a dry brush or small roller.

Our papers are ‘wipeable’. Even if paste gets onto the surface of the paper, this can be dabbed off gently with a sponge damped with cold, clean water leaving no marks.

Please note : As with all wallpapers, do not manipulate the paper if it is too wet and take care to avoid rubbing or scratching the surface with sharp tools when damp.


Our floorpapers are printed with superb detail on high-quality photographic card. Most of our floor designs have a ‘lustre’ surface (semi-gloss not high gloss), with the exception of Cotswold Stone, which is only available with a textured matt surface.

Antique Light Oak Floorboards and Antique Pine Floorboards are available with either a semi-gloss or a matt finish.

We recommend you use a PVA spreadable adhesive such as Solvite or Elmer’s Glue, to affix our floorpapers.

Standard 1:12th scale floorpapers are usually 12 x 23 ¾ inches. Bespoke larger sizes can be supplied – please ask us for a quotation.


Silk Crêpe de Chine : this is a pure silk of the highest quality. It is soft and luxurious and has a slight sheen. It drapes beautifully and is very suitable for bed hangings, drapes or any soft furnishings which require a softer look.

Cotton Sateen : this is a pure cotton with a close weave and a smooth surface. It can be used for all types of soft furnishings including upholstery and is particularly suitable where a crisper pleated effect is required.

Both fabrics can be pressed carefully using the iron on a low setting.

Most of the designs in our wallpaper collections are available to order as printed silk or cotton. Plain self-colours can usually be printed to match the main background colour of most of the designs.

Both silk and cotton are available in two sizes : 12½ x 9 inches and 12½ x 18½ inches.

Fabric can be printed with 1:24th scale designs and is supplied in the above two sizes.

Please note that the pattern for both 1:12th and 1:24th scale designs can printed in either direction on the fabric. Unless you request otherwise, we will print the pattern as follows :

If you wish to order the ‘Sutton Park’ Chinese design in fabric, please get in touch with us to discuss the options : this design is available in several different scales.

Please note :

Fabrics are matched as closely as possible to the wallpapers.. However, because of the inherent qualities of the fabrics, very slight colour variations may occur.


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